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Aunt Mommy

The Aunt Mommy: Baby Shower
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My husband and I live in a little cape in Southern NH
where we're raising our 13 yearold nephew, 1 Basset Hound puppy & 3 cats.

"Yankee Girl Designs" started as a way to help me relax after a day of wrangling screaming meatloafs and it's evolved into so much more.
I love working with beads and stones and ending up with something kick-ass to wear. Mixing and matching different stones has become a passion of mine. I'm hoping that this buisness really takes off, my dream is to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom to my own lil weasels one day!

I also run "New England Crafty Crew" (LJ Info: ne_craftychicks) w/ my bud Dayna aka: Crafty Scientist!

Still Want More...
Yankee Girl Designs: www.lindseyandray.com/ygd